The Best Historic Castles near Uppsala

Uppsala is a Swedish city about 70km north of Stockholm. Uppsala is the ecclesiastical centre of Sweden, being the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden. Uppsala Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, and up until the late 19th century it was the site of coronation of Swedish monarchs.

With its rich history and close proximity to Stockholm it is no surprise that you can find some important castles near Uppsala. Uppsala itself houses a former Royal castle, but also in the area around Uppsala you will find interesting castles. This article lists 10 castles near Uppsala that you can visit on a day trip from Stockholm or Uppsala.

10 historic castles near Uppsala

photo: L.G. foto / CC BY-SA 4.0

Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle is a former Royal castle built in the 1540s by King Gustav Vasa in Renaissance-style. At the time Sweden was a great power in Europe, which is reflected in the buildings that were constructed at the time. Over the centuries the castle has been extended and remodeled several times. Some of the important historical events that took place in the castle are:  the coronation of King Erik XIV in 1561, the murder of members of the Sture family, and Queen Kristina abdicated in 1654 in the Hall of State.

Today, Uppsala Castle houses a museum with guided tours with focus on art, architecture and history. It houses the Uppsala Art Museum (Uppsala Konstmuseum) and Vasaborgen (the Vasa Fortress): a museum in the ruins of the original foundation of the 1549 royal apartments. 

Uppsala Castle opening times: the museum is open Tuesday-Sunday

Address: Slottet, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden

photo: Kateryna Baiduzha / CC BY-SA 4.0

Skokloster Castle (Skoklosters slott)

Skokloster Castle is a Baroque castle built for Carl Gustav Wrangel between 1654 and 1676. It was built during the Swedish Age of Greatness, when Sweden was one of Europe’s major powers. It is one of the finest Baroque castles in Europe.

When Wrangel died the castle was unfinished, and this has remained to this day, nothing has changed for 300 years giving visitors a unique insight in the 17th and 18th century. The castle is now a museum where you can see the splendid (finished) Baroque rooms and paintings as well as Wrangel’s collection of weapons, books, silver and textiles among many things.

Skokloster Castle opening times: the castle is open daily between June-August. The rest of the year on selected days. Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Skoklosters Slott, 746 96 Skokloster, Sweden

photo: Alexandru Babos / CC BY-SA 3.0

Lövstabruk Manor (Lövstabruks Herrgård)

Lövstabruk is an 18th century manor house north of Uppsala. The house was built between 1719 and 1730 and it is one of the best preserved 18th century manors in Sweden. The estate includes an orangery, a church with Cahman organ, art expositions, and a café.

Lövstabruk Manor opening times: there are events through the year. Visit the website for current information

Address: Herrgården, 819 66 Lövstabruk, Sweden

photo: Einarspetz / CC BY-SA 3.0

Örbyhus Castle (Örbyhus Slott)

Örbyhus Castle is a former Royal castle 50 kilometers north of Uppsala. In the 15th century a Medieval castle was constructed by Johan Kristensson Vasa, grandfather of Swedish king Gustav Vasa. The castle was also used as a prison, the most famous prisoner is King Eric XIV of Sweden. He was imprisoned by his brother and died at the castle (possibly murdered by his brother) in 1577.

In the 1660s – when the castle was no longer owned by the Royal family – the castle was transformed into a Baroque palace. The Medieval castle is incorporated in the new palace.

Örbyhus Castle opening times: there are guided tours in the Spring and Summer months. Visit the website for more information.

Address: Örbyhus Slott 112, 748 95 Örbyhus, Sweden

photo: Alexandru Babos / CC BY-SA 3.0

Salsta Castle (Salsta Slott)

Salsta Castle is a castle built in 1670 in French Baroque style. Over the centuries, the interiors of the castle have been remodeled into the styles of that time. Which means that will find rooms in a variation of styles from the 17th to the 20th century.

Salsta Castle opening times: the castle can be visited with a guided tour. A café is open Friday-Sunday.

Address: Lena Salsta 63, 743 92 Vattholma, Sweden

photo: Holger Ellgaard / CC BY-SA 4.0

Ekolsund Castle (Ekolsunds Slott)

Ekolsund Castle stands on an estate that has been known since the 14th century, though the current castle was built in the 17th century after a design by Simon de la Vallée and Nicodemus Tessin. For more than 200 years Ekolsund Castle belonged to the Swedish Royal Family. It was the residence of Princess Sophie of Sweden from 1578 to 1611. And in 1747 it became the residence of the future King Gustav III who used the castle as a summer residence (until he relocated to Drottningholm Castle).

Today the castle hosts events, and it has a restaurant, a Baroque garden with arboretum, and hotel rooms.

Address: Ekolsunds Slottsallé 1, 749 50 Ekolsund, Sweden

photo: Rånäs Slott

Rånäs Manor (Rånäs Slott)

Rånäs Manor on the northern shore of Lake Skedviken, is a 19th century manor house built by the Reuterskiöld family. The family was interested in culture and travel and decided to built this Italianinspired manor house in Sweden. Today, Rånäs Slott is a four-star spa hotel.

Address: Rånäs Slott, 762 96 Rånäs, Sweden

photo: L.G. foto / CC BY-SA 4.0

Salnecke Castle (Salnecke Slott)

Salnecke Castle is a castle in Örsundsbro built in 1640 in North-German Baroque style. The castle has been owned by many nobel Swedish families. And in 1740 did owner Elisabeth Steuch ask architect Carl Hårleman to transform half of the castle in Rococo style. The castle is still a private home, you can see a tour of its interiors here. But there’s a café in the former stables of the castle.

Address: Gryta Salnecke 1, 749 63 Örsundsbro, Sweden

photo: Booking

Vik Castle (Viks Slot)

Vik Castle (also spelled Wik) is a Medieval castle near Uppsala in Sweden. The castle was built in the 15th century and in the 19th the castle was renovated by designs of Swedish architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander.Svante Arrhenius, winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, was born at Vik Castle.

Today, the buildings around the castle are a hotel with a terrace, sauna and an organic restaurant. There are views over Lårstaviken bay. Book your stay here(*affiliate link).

Address: Viks Mur 29, 755 91 Uppsala, Sweden

Travel a little further and you’ll find even more Swedish castles:

photo: Brorsson / CC BY-SA 4.0

Venngarn Castle (Venngarns Slott)

Venngarn (or Wenngarn) Castle is located just north of the town Sigtuna. Venngarn has been knwon since the 13th centruy and it even belonged to the Swedish Royal House, when the maternal grandmother of King Gustav Vasa inherited the castle. The Baroque castle we see today was largely built in 1670 for Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie by a design of Jean de la Vallée.

Address: Wenngarn Castle, 193 91 Sigtuna

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