The Best Castles near Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden. And while the city itself has much to offer, if you wander a little further you will find beautiful castles near Gothenburg.

Since the greater Gothenburg area is located by the sea, it is not surprising that you will find several fortress castles near Gothenburg. But there is more than just military castles. There are also beautiful 18th and 19th century country houses, which are some of the best preserved country houses in the country.

Rent a car and drive through the beautiful Västergötland province and visit these beautiful castles near Gothenburg.

Visit these casles near Gothenburg, Sweden


Tjolöholm Castle (Tjolöholm Slott)

Tjolöholm Castle is an Arts & Crafts castle designed in Tudor style. The castle was built between 1898 and 1904 by James Fredrik and Blanche Dickson. Though most is in Tudor style it also shows elements of Liberty & Co (who were at the forefront of the Arts and Crafts Movement).

Surrounding the caslte are gardens and the estate also offers an restaurant, shop, and hotel rooms.

Tjolöholm Castle opening times: the castle is open almost all through the year (daily in the summer, and weekend the rest of the year). The garden is open all year round. Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Tjolöholms Slott, 439 74 Fjärås, Sweden

photo: L.G. foto / CC BY-SA 4.0

Carlstens Fortress (Karlstens fästning)

On top of the island Marstrand (50km northwest of Gothenburg) stands Carlstens Fortress. Carlsten is a stone fortress built in 1658 by King Carl X of Sweden. For more than 300 years it protected the town from invasion and it also served as a prison.

The guided tour will show you the Walk of Sighs, Gallows Hill, Lasse-Maja’s (the most famous prisoner) Kitchen and the Fortress Church. But you can also wander the fortress alone. The fortress also houses a hotel.

Carlstens Fortress opening times: the fortress is open April-September on various days. Visit the website for current opening hours.

Address: Carlstens Fästning, 442 67 Marstrand, Sweden

photo: Arild Vågen / CC BY-SA 3.0

Gunnebo House and Gardens (Gunnebo Slott)

Gunnebo House is a late 18th century mansion house just outside Gothenburg. The Neoclassical manor was designed by Gothenburg city architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg. Gunnebo is one of the best restored 18th century in Scandinavia. Surrounding the house are fine Baroque gardens. Several Swedish Kngs have visited

Gunnebo House and Gardens opening times: The house can be visited with a guided tour (in Swedish, though parts can be done in English). The information booklets are in Swedish, German, and English. Gunnebo also has a restaurant. Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar, Christina Halls väg, 431 36 Mölndal

photo: Netha Hussain

Bohus Fortress (Bohus Fästning)

Bohus Fortress is located on the old Swedish-Norwegian border about 20km north of Gothenburg. The fortress was built in 1308 by the Norwegian King Haakon V Magnuson. The fortress was attacked or besieged many times, but never captured. In the 1658 Treaty of Roskilde it was determined that the provinces Trøndelag and Bohuslän would become Swedish and from then Bohus Fortress was Swedish.

Since Bohus Fortress was no longer located on the border it was also no longer needed as a fortress. Instead it became a prison until the 18th century.

Bohus Fortress opening times: the fortress is open April-November (daily in Spring/Summer, weekends in the Fall). Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Fästningsholmen 1, 442 31 Kungälv, Sweden


Nääs Castle (Nääs Slott)

Nääs Castle is a 17th century mansion 30km from Gothenburg. The castle contains the most complete and untouched 19th century interior in Scandinavia. The rooms contain several interior styles and it has an art collection of 19th century Salon Painting. In the 19th-century the castle became world famous for its arts and crafts college.

Nääs Slott also offers hotel rooms. You can book your stay here (*affiliate link)

Nääs Castle opening times: The castle can be visited through guided tours. For current opening times you can visit the website.

Address: Nääs Slott, 448 92 Floda, Sweden

photo: L.G. foto / CC BY-SA 4.0

Torpa Stone House (Torpa Stenhus)

Torpa Stenhus is a medieval castle near lake Åsunden (1 hour east of Gothenburg). It is one of the best preserved 16th century country house in Sweden. The stone house was remodelen in the 16th and 17th century. It now has well-preserved Renaissance interiors and there is a Baroque chapel. The castle is well known for being the family home of the nobel Stenbock family, one member – Catherine Stenbock – became Queen Consort of King Gustav I.

Torpa Stone House opening times: the castle is open April-September. Visit the website for current opening hours.

Address: Torpa Stenhus, 514 52 Länghem

New Älvsborg (Nya Älvsborg Fästning)

Älvsborg fortress is a sea fort on the island Kyrkogårdsholmen close to Gothenburg. The fortress was built in 1653 and stayed a fortress until 1869. The fortress is popular in the summer and you can take a boat trip with Stromma from Gothenburg through its archipelago to the fortress.

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