Castles near Lake Mälaren

There are beautiful castles around Lake Mälaren that can be visited on a day trip from Stockholm. Some of these castles are former Royal castles and one is still owned by the Swedish Royal House and is now the National Portrait Gallery. You will also find one of the finest boutique hotels in Sweden in one of the castles surrounding Lake Mälaren.

Lake Mälaren is a large lake just west of Sweden’s capital Stockholm (though the lake runs all the way through to Stockholm). It’s a beautiful area, and especially in summertime it’s a popular destination for boat rides from Stockholm or for fishing.

This list features the castles around Lake Mälaren that you can (partly) visit. The Google Map at the end of the article also shows castles that cannot be visited.

photo: Tomasz Sugaj

Strömsholm Palace (Strömsholms slott)

Strömsholm Palace is a Royal palace near Västerås. The yellow Baroque palace is built on a paved islet where the fast-flowing Kolbäck river meets Lake Mälaren. The palace was built between 1669–1674 for Queen Hedvig Eleonora. The interiors are mainly in 18th century Gustavian style and the palace houses an important collection of Swedish paintings.

Strömsholm Palace opening times: the palace is open June-September, the guided tours are in English and Swedish. You can book your ticket online.

Address: Slottsvägen 32, 734 94 Strömsholm, Sweden

photo: Paulius Malinovskis / CC BY 2.0

Gripsholm Castle (Gripsholm Slott)

Gripsholm Castle is a Renaissance Royal castle in Mariefred on the shores of Lake Mälaren. Gripsholm is also known as Gustav Vasa’s castle since he built the castle in 1537. Gripsholm Castle has been a museum since 1822 and houses the National Portrait Gallery.

Gripsholm Castle opening times: the castle is open throughout the year but it’s not open daily so for current opening times you should visit the official website.

Address: Gripsholm Castle, 647 31 Mariefred, Sweden


Skokloster Castle (Skoklosters slott)

Skokloster Castle is a Baroque castle built for Carl Gustav Wrangel between 1654 and 1676. It was built during the Swedish Age of Greatness, when Sweden was one of Europe’s major powers. It is one of the finest Baroque castles in Europe.

When Wrangel died the castle was unfinished, and this has remained to this day, nothing has changed for 300 years giving visitors a unique insight in the 17th and 18th century. The castle is now a museum where you can see the splendid (finished) Baroque rooms and paintings as well as Wrangel’s collection of weapons, books, silver and textiles among many things.

Skokloster Castle opening times: the castle is open daily between June-August. The rest of the year on selected days. Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Skoklosters Slott, 746 96 Skokloster, Sweden

Mälsåker Castle (Mälsåker Slott)

Mälsåker Slott is a Baroque castle located on Selaön, which is the biggest island of Lake Mälaren. The castle was built in in the 1660s and 1670s by Gustaf Soop, after designs of Swedish architect Nikodemus Tessin. During the Second World War the castle was used for the training of Norwegian police troops.

Mälsåker Castle opening times: the castle is open for visitors from June-August, the castle park is open all though the year. Visit the website for opening hours. The castle can also be visited through boat tour.

Address: Mälsåker Gods 4, 645 97 Stallarholmen, Sweden

photo: L.G. foto / CC BY-SA 4.0

Grönsöö Manor (Grönsöö Slott)

Grönsöö Manor is a manor house on the island of Grönsöö in Lake Mälaren. The manor house was built between 1607 and 1611 by Chancellor Johan Skytte, tutor to the future King Gustavus Adolphus. The (then) Prince gifted one of the farmhouses that stood here to his tutor. The manor house is in French Renaissance style and is decorated in a rich colletion of Swedish fine arts and handicrafts from three centuries. The gardens is unique since it shows five different periods of Swedish garden architecture.

Grönsöö Manor opening times: the castle is open May-August (the castle gardens are open daily), the estate also houses a café. Visit the website for current opening hours.

Address: Kungs-Husby Grönsö Slott 10, 745 99 Enköping, Sweden

photo: Holger Ellgaard / CC BY-SA 4.0

Taxinge-Näsby Castle (Taxinge-Näsby Slott)

Taxinge Castle is an early 19th-century manor house in Empire style. Surrounding the castle is a park in English-style and an Italian garden, the grounds have views over Gripsholmsviken. The castle is currently used as an event location but it also offers a café for everyone to enjoy.

Taxinge-Näsby Castle opening times: the café is open throughout the year, but not daily. Visit the website for current opening times.

Address: Taxinge Slott, Näsby 52, 155 93 Nykvarn

Travel a little further and you’ll find even more Swedish castles:


Görväln House (Görvälns Slott)

Görvälns Slott is a castle located only 30 minutes from Stockholm and next to Lake Mälaren. The 17th century castle was built by Count Adolph John I (brother of King Charles X Gustav). Today, Görvälns Slott is one of Sweden’s best boutique hotels with 45 rooms and a restaurant. Book your stay the the hotel here (*affiliate link).

Address: Görvälns Slott, Görvälnsvägen 175 46 Järfälla

photo: Booking

Haga Castle (Haga Slott)

Haga Slott (not to be mistaken for Haga Palace in Stockholm) is an Italian Renaissance caste in Enköping on the shore of Lake Mälaren. Until 1660 there was a stone Medieval castle on this site, but the owner – Gustaf Persson Natt och Dag – created a modern castle atop the medieval structure. The castle has been a private residence until 1924, today it is a castle hotel and conference center near Lake Mälaren. Book your stay here.

Address: Haga Slott, 745 93 Enköping

photo: Arild Vågen / CC BY-SA 3.0

Svartsjö Palace (Svartsjö Slott)

Svartsjö Palace is a Rococo palace just outside Stockholm on the island of Färingsö inLake Mälaren. Since Medieval times there has stood a Royal palace on site. The current palace was built in 1734 by King Fredrik I as a hunting palace for Queen Ulrika Eleonora. The palace became the inspiration for many Rococo buildings in Sweden. In 1891 the palace was transformed into a prison. Today, the castle offers events and there is a café. Visit the website for more information.

Address: Svartsjö Slott, Svartsjövägen 2 – 179 95, Svartsjö

photo: M. Nystedt / CC BY-SA 3.0

Ängsö Castle (Ängsö/Engsö Slott)

Ängsö Slott is a castle is on the island of Ängsö in Lake Mälaren. The castle was originally built as a fortress in the 1480s. The lower part of the castle is the Medieval structure, in the 1630s the castle was renovated and expanded and the top floor was added in 1740. For 250 years the castle was owned by the Piper family but it is now a museum.

Ängsö Castle opening times: the castle and its café are open in Spring/Summer. Visit the website for current opening hours.

Address: Engsö Slott, 725 98 Västerås, Sweden


Ekolsund Castle (Ekolsunds Slott)

Ekolsund Castle stands on an estate that has been known since the 14th century, though the current castle was built in the 17th century after a design by Simon de la Vallée and Nicodemus Tessin. For more than 200 years Ekolsund Castle belonged to the Swedish Royal Family. It was the residence of Princess Sophie of Sweden from 1578 to 1611. And in 1747 it became the residence of the future King Gustav III who used the castle as a summer residence (until he relocated to Drottningholm Castle).

Today the castle hosts events, and it has a restaurant, a Baroque garden with arboretum, and hotel rooms.

Address: Ekolsunds Slottsallé 1, 749 50 Ekolsund, Sweden


Tidö Castle (Tidö Slott)

Tido Castle is an early 17th century castle in Dutch Renaissance style. The castle was built by influential statesman Axel Oxenstierna. Since 1889, the von Schinkel family has owned the castle and they still use it as a private residence. However in the summer months the castle is open for visitors.

Tidö Castle opening times: There are guided tours on selected days from May-Septemer. Visit the website for more information.

Address: Tidö Slott, 725 92 Västerås, Sweden

Kaggeholms Manor (Kaggeholms Slott)

Kaggeholm is a Baroque manor house on the island of Helgö. The castle dates back to 1720s though the current design was finished until the 19th century. The castle can currently be booked on Airbnb and there’s a café with views over Lake Mälaren.

Kaggeholm Castle also appeared in the Netflix series Young Royals as the film location for the private boarding school.

Address: Kaggeholms slott, 178 54 Ekerö, Sweden

photo: Holger Ellgaard / CC BY-SA 4.0

Fiholm Castle (Fiholms Slott)

Fiholm Castle is a French/Dutch Renaissance castle near Lake Mälaren. The castle was built in 1640 by Axel Oxenstierna after a design by French architect Simon de la Vallée. In the 1790s the south wing of the castle got its 18th century interiors thanks to its then-owner Joachim Beck-Friis.

Fiholm Castle opening times: the castle can be visited by pre-booked guided tour. Visit the website for more information.

Address: Fiholms Slott, 635 05 Eskilstuna, Sweden

Lake Mälaren Castles

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