Visit the Bridgerton Film Locations

Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful Bridgerton film locations? The Netflix serie Bridgerton is the most popular costume drama of all time. And in 2022 we are getting a new season filled with gorgeous grand estates and splendid historic rooms. In this post we will show you the Bridgerton film locations that you can visit.

While most will love the Bridgerton serie for its romantic story line. There is another reason to watch this popular Netflix series. The filming locations of Bridgerton are breathtaking. Bridgerton shows us some of the grandest historic houses in England, which they use a location for their fictional stately homes.

Many of these Bridgerton shooting locations can be visited. The locations range from grand country estates with a Royal past, to cozy historic house museums. Each historic house film location has its unique features. But they have one thing in common: they are all beautiful and worthy of a visit.

Where is Bridgerton filmed? The complete list of Bridgerton film locations (that you can visit)


Ranger’s House

wernher collection
chesterfield walk, london, se10 8qx

Ranger’s House is a Palladian-style Georgian mansion in London. The manor house is now a museum that houses The Wernher Collection. This is a world-class art collection amassed by the 19th-century businessman, Sir Julius Wernher. The collection consists of 700 works of art including medieval sculptures, Renaissance paintings, and Old Dutch Masters.

Ranger’s House in Bridgerton

In Bridgerton, Ranger’s House is used as the exterior of the Bridgerton family home.

Ranger’s House opening times: The museum is open from April. Visit the website for current opening times.

Wilton House / photo: Henry Kellner

Wilton House

1544, 1647, 19th & 20th century additions
state room, film location
wilton, salisbury, sp2 0bj

King Henry VII granted the land on which Wilton House stands to William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke in 1544. The estate has never been sold and is still owned by the Herbert family. It is now the family home of the 18th Earl of Pembroke.

The Palladian South Front is designed by Inigo Jones. Behind this facade are the 7 State Rooms, which have been restored by the current Earl.

Wilton House in Bridgerton

Wilton House is the film location for several scenes in Bridgerton. Including for exterior scenes of Hastings, interior scenes of Clyvedon Castle, the Grand Hall & Dining Room of Lady Danbury, and the Palace of Queen Charlotte.

Fun fact: Wilton House is also a film location for Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Emma (2020).

Wilton House opening times: Wilton House is open to visitors in the summer months. Visit the website.


Castle Howard

baroque & palldian
film location
castle howard, york, yo60 7da

Castle Howard is not actually a castle but a stately home. But since the house is built on the site of a former castle it can bear the name castle.

The Baroque stately home has been in owned by the Carlisle family for more than 300 years. The 3rd Earl asked John Vanburgh to design a new stately home that would become Castle Howard.

The construction lasted 100 years and was not finished when John Vanbrugh and the 3rd Earl died. The Earl’s son-in-law added a Palladian wing to the Baroque structure giving the home an asymmetrical appearance.

Castle Howard in Bridgerton

Scenes with Clyvedon House, the family seat of the Duke of Hastings, is filmed at Castle Howard.

Castle Howard opening times: The house and gardens are open daily. There are several café’s and a shop. Visit the website.

Hatfield House / photo: Paul Hudson

Hatfield House

former royal palace queen elizabeth I
great north rd, hatfield al9 5hx

Hatfield House is one of the finest Jacobean manor houses in England. On the site of Hatfield House stood the Royal Palace of Hatfield, which was the childhoof home and favourite residence of Queen Elizabeth I. Parts of this old palace can still be seen on the estate.

The new Hatfield House as built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salibury. Bricks of the old Royal Palace were used for the new Jacobean house.

Hatfield House in Bridgerton

The house is used as a film location for the society ball at Trowbridge House, the garden maze is also used as a film location.

Hatfield House opening times: Hatfield House & Gardens opens in Spring. For current opening times, visit the website.

Jo Turner / Dorney Court, Dorney, Windsor / CC BY-SA 2.0

Dorney Court

one of the finest tudor houses, wedding venue
dorney court, court lane, dorney, windsor, sl4 6qp

Dorney Court is one of the finest Tudor houses in England. The house has been in the Palmer family for more than 500 years. Little is changed in the interior layout since the 1500s. But parts of the exteriors are a Victorian reconstruction, using the original bricks.

Dorney Court in Bridgerton

The Tudor manor is used as the Coaching Inn in Bridgerton.

Dorney Court opening times: The house is open for groups through private appointment throughout the year. The house is also open on May Bank Holiday Weekends and in August.

Hampton Court Palace / photo: David Stanley

Hampton Court Palace

tudor & baroque
royal palace
hampton ct way, molesey, east molesey, kt8 9au

Hampton Court is a Royal palace which was initially built for Caridinal Wolsey in the 16th century. Later the palace was given ot Henry VIII and it became one of his favourite palaces. Hampton Court Palace is one of two surviving palaces owned by Henry VIII (the other being St. James’ Palace).

With King William III rebuilding the palace it is now a mixture of Tudor and Baroque architecture styles.

Hampton Court Palace in Bridgerton

Hampton Court Palace is used for the exterior of Queen Charlotte’s St. James’ Palace.

Hampton Court Palace opening times: The palace is open all year round, though some days the Palace is closed for visitors. See the website for more information.

Queen’s House / photo: Mrs Ellacot / CC BY-SA 4.0

Queen’s House

former royal palace
romney rd, greater london, se10 9nf

Queen’s House is a former Royal residence in Greenwich. It is one of the most important British architectural buildings since it was the first consciously classical building in the country.

The house was hardly used as a Royal Palace and since its construction it has been part of the Royal Hospital School and as part of the Old Royal Naval College.

Queen’s House is now a museum with an art colletion ranging from Rembrandt to Gainsborough. And a focus on Tudor Royal history.

Queen’s House in Bridgerton

The house features as the exterior of Somerset House in Bridgerton.

Queen’s House opening times: The museum is open daily; 10am-5pm. Visit the website to book your ticket.

Syon House / Christian SW

Syon House

italian renaissance, neo-classical, roman, baroque
1547-1552 (rebuilt: 1767-1775)
eclectic interiors
syon park, brentford, tw8 8jf

Syon House is the last surviving ducal residences with country estate in Greater London. The house is the London residence of the Duke of Northumberland. The house is built in the 16th century, but between 1767-1775 did it get its eclectic interiors thanks to architect and interior design Robert Adam.

Syon House is often used as film location. Next to Bridgerton, it has also been used in Gosford Park, Belgravia, and Endeavour.

Syon House in Bridgerton

The house is used as the film location for the interiors of Hastings House.

Syon House opening times: Syon House is open to visitors March-October. For current opening times go to the website.

The Holburne Museum / David A. Russo / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Holburne Museum

pleasure gardens, wedding venue, museum
the holburne museum, great pulteney street, bath, ba2 4db

The Holburne Museum is located in the Sydney Pleasure Gardens. The building is the former Sydney Hotel at the end of Great Pulteney Street in Bath. The Sydney Gardens are the only remaining 18th century pleasure gardens in England.

The Holburne Museum is Bath’s first public art gallery. At the heart of the museum is the collection of Sir William Holburne. During his Grand Tour he acquired a taste for art and started his collection. At his wish the collection was left to the city of Bath. The art collection includes works by Gainsborough, Guardi, Stubbs, and Zoffany

The Holburne Museum in Bridgerton

Lady Danbury’s house is partly filmed at The Holburne Museum.

The Holburne Museum opening times: The museum is open daily; 10am to 5pm.


No.1 Royal Crescent

georgian historic house museum
1 royal cres, bath, ba1 2lr

No. 1 Royal Crescent is the first building on the eastern end of the Royal Crescent in Bath. The house is of national and architectural importance. It’s the home of the Bath’s Preservation Trust and it is used as a historic house museum, showing Georgian domestic life above ánd below stairs.

No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bridgerton

No. 1 Royal Crescent is used as film location for the family house of the Featherington family.

No. 1 Royal Crescent opening times: The house is open Febraury-November; Tuesday-Sunday. Visit the website.

West Wycombe House / John Griffiths / CC BY-SA 2.0

West Wycombe Park

palladian, neoclassical
pleasure palace
west wycombe, high wycombe, hp14 3ae

West Wycombe Park was built as a pleasure palace for the 18th century libertine Sir Francis Dashwood, 2nd Baronet. The house is architecturally unique because it is both Palladian as Neoclassical in style.

The gardens surrounding the house are one the finest surviving 18th century landscape gardens. With buildings of Classical architecture.

West Wycombe Park in Bridgerton

The estate will feature in Season 2 of Bridgerton. It is used as the location of Royal Ascot where Anthony is seen with Kate Sharma.

West Wycombe Opening times: The park is open from April. The house is also open in the Summer months. Visit the website for current information.

Badminton House

Badminton House

medieval with 18th century extensions
royal guests
badminton, south gloucestershire, gl9 1dd

The large country house has been owned by the Dukes of Beaufort since the 17th century. During the Second World War, Queen Mary lived at Badminton Estate. Today the house is an event venue. But occasionally the house is opened for groups (15-30 people) to get a private tour of the estate.

Badminton House in Bridgerton

The house is used as some of the interiors of Hastings, Clyvedon Castle interior scenes, and the ballroom and bathroom of Lady Danbury.

Lancaster House

Lancaster House

louis XIV interiors
lancaster house, stable yard, london sw1a 1bb

Lancaster House is a former Royal residence in the center of London. The house was originally built for the Duke of York (it was then called York House). The house is made of Bath stone and it is one of the last London mansions made in this Georgian style.

In 1829 the house was purchased by the 2nd Marquess of Stafford (later 1st Duke of Sutherland). The lavish Louis XIV interiors are the perfect backdrop for the Sutherland art collection. Lancaster House is now run by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. It is often used for Government events and as a film location for The Crown, The King’s Speech and Sherlock Holmes.

Lancaster House in Bridgerton

Lancaster House is used for the interiors of Queen Charlotte’s St. James’ Palace.

Bridgerton film locations not open to the public

Somerley House / Robin Goodlad / CC BY-SA 4.0


wedding venue
somerley estate, ringwood, bh24 3pl

Somerley is a country house on the border of Hampshire and Dorset. The house was built in the late 18th century by Samuel Wyatt. It is currently the home of the seventh Earl of Normanton.

Somerley is not open to the public, but is can be hired as a wedding and event venue. And it’s also used as a film location in Mansfield Park, The Crown, and of course Bridgerton.

Somerley in Bridgerton

Some of the interiors of Somerset House are filmed in Somerley House.

Halton House

Halton House

french chateau
rothschild family
upper icknield way, halton, hp22 5np

Halton House is a country house is French chateau style in the village Halton (Buckinghamshire). The country house was built by Afred Freiherr de Rothschild. He was presumambly influenced by the grand Waddesdon Manor which belonged to his brother-in-law Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.

Currently the house is an RAF officers’ mess. But it is often used as film location. The Crown, Endeavour, The Queen, and The King’s Speech all filmed at Halton House.

Halton House in Bridgerton

Halton House is used for some of the interiors for Bridgerton House and Featherington House.


Wrotham Park

film location, wedding venue
wrotham park, barnet, hertfordshire, en5 4sb

Wrotham Park is a neo-Palladian country house in Hertfordshire. It is one of the largest private houses near London. The country house is often used as a film location. Some of the films and series that were filmed here are: Downton Abbey, The Crown, Vanity Fair, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Kingsmen.

Wrotham Park in Bridgerton

Wrotham Park is the film location for the Bridgerton family country house.

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